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Light-bulbKind of a hint, already known by many....but not posted as far as I can tell

by Dan Byob - Mar 12, 2012 Star_s305 views

First off, it's all about alliance. When you visit "friends" and you reach the max alliance points and you aren't allies, you can assume they haven't visited you yet, so skip them when you are in a crunch for time. Also keep in mind, inactive players, ones with 11 castle points, some others also with higher castle them for when you need water, stones, lumber etc. but Do visit them for reputation.

When your crops are empty, see what you are low on, plant and harvest them. Even grapes!

Open each of your crafting buildings. If you are low on things you can ask or "post to friends". Do that, even though you don't need them right now, you will eventually need the supplies later. Stock it up!!!

I see alot of people putting buildings on grass, put a few "road peices" around it, they will finish faster. My Kingdom is a MESS right now due to reorganizing otherwise I would post an example....

More examples to come, if this helps even 1 person, I am satisfied...

Good luck all

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12-em-plus add reply

Great tips Dan, just what I also do. I have found that the cheapest way to "pave" any building is just one unit of dirt road. You will immediately see the additional credit for the building. If you don't have credits for cottages then place them on top of a road of some kind. I also try to craft and/or grow the longest time item at night before I shut down. Be careful though...some fast growing crops will wither on you before you can get back to them.
Have fun

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