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Light-bulbCastleville Game Restore The Rainbow Guide

by Raccoon Biernat - Mar 14, 2012 Star_s889 views

Castleville Game Restore The Rainbow Guide

Help Castleville Sullivan get back home and earn some coin and cool prizes while you’re at it! Craft colored Charms to complete each color band in the Rainbow. The more color bands of the Rainbow that you complete, the more coins the Pot of Gold building will produce! Complete all color bands within 2 weeks to get Sullivan home and earn the highest total of coins for the Pot of Gold building! Check out the guide below to get started.

Getting Started

Once you reach quest 4, Rainbow Engineer, Sullivan will start showing you how to restore his Rainbow by crafting the ingredients needed for each color of the Rainbow.

The first color to begin with is Violet. Crafting Violet Moon Charms in the Workshop will increase the Charm Meter’s progress; we need 12 points to complete the violet band of the Rainbow. There are 3 recipes of each Charm that can be crafted, each giving +1, +3, and +6 points to the Meter when crafted.

Once we’ve crafted enough Charms to fill up the Meter, we can click on the Meter to see our progress. Now that we’ve crafted 12 points-worth of Violet Moon Charms, we’ve completed the violet color band of the Rainbow! Craft the next colors until you craft all 7!

Bonus! Now that we’ve completed the violet color band, our Pot of Gold has been upgraded, and the 200 Coin rent has increased to 400. Continue completing the color bands to get some serious Coins!

List of Items to Craft

Violet Band (Craft 12 points-worth of Moon Charms in the Workshop)

Indigo Band (Craft 16 points-worth of Indigo Flower Charms in the Workshop)

Blue Band (Craft 20 points-worth of Blue Seashell Charms in the Kitchen)

Green Band (Craft 24 points-worth of Green Grog Charms in the Kitchen)

Yellow Band (Craft 30 points-worth of Yellow Star Charms in the Studio)

Orange Band (Craft 38 points-worth of Orange Butterfly Charms in the Studio)

Red Band (Craft 44 points-worth of Red Balloon Charms in the Studio)

Castleville Game FAQ

Q: I crafted some of the items but I don’t see any progress on my Rainbow. Why is this?
A: The progress of each band of the Rainbow is tracked in the bar at the bottom of the screen. Once this bar is complete, you’ll receive a special prize and the Rainbow band for that color will be shown. Click on the progress bar to see your overall Rainbow progress.

Q: Did my Pot of Gold’s collection timer increase? I collected from it twice before, but now it’s taking a lot longer.
A: Each time you restore a color band of the Rainbow, your Pot of Gold is upgraded and you earn more coins! Each time this happens you get to collect the taxes from it immediately.

Q: What if I can’t complete all 7 bands of the Rainbow within the 2 weeks?
A: Not completing all 7 color bands has no penalty, but you will not get the maximum payout of the Pot of Gold; complete all 7 bands to get the jackpot!

Q: If I don’t complete all 7 bands of the Rainbow, will I still get to keep the Pot of Gold?
A: Absolutely! It won’t produce the maximum amount of coins possible, but whatever you earn, you keep!

Q: I can’t find the Pot of Gold, where is it?
A: The Pot of Gold can be found under the Buildings section of your Inventory.

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