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Light-bulbArctic Preserve Proscore

by Carla Holden - Mar 15, 2012 Star_s486 views

How do I get the proscore for challenge #10 (Royalty) in Arctic Preserve when you have icicles at the top right hand side, the left hand side, and two in the middle with them moving back and forth? Plus, you have a shot clock with only 9 balls. I have been trying for 5 days, but no success.

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12-em-plus add reply

Dean, thank you so much I had all but given up on ever getting this (months of frustration) I used split ball instead of guided and had a few lucky bounces. Now have all pro scores 790. Phew roll on next weekly board


it not impossible but close ..... I have achieved all 750 proscores so it can be done ... but exactly that one lvl stand dead LAST for me for months . majority of lvls you can do without special add ons but there are some lvls that you really need more help . So at one point I spend all my gold to get 3rd power up spot , double bonus bucket ( that is very important because in the and you have 2 balls and double bonus bucket can potentially get you 400.000 if you really lucky ) and one extra ball .... I used laser ball, bounce and guided . Try using laser first you can ,good placing of laser ball is esential , with good bounce : 1st to the WALL - from ball bounce from BUCKET - loop and end in backet - resoult should be lot of clearing , lot of points and extra ball ) make sure that you get purple peggle in process .... with all that you need skill and luck , lot of luck : you need really good laser ball , at least 100K+50K buckets at the end with double bonus bucket add ,and then you will be close ....


Hi, One of the harder challenges. I spent prob 50 lives+ trying to do this one over several weeks. Cleared the pegs several times but didn't achieve proscore, very frustrating! Eventually managed it with laser ball and big bounce power ups + a big lot of luck. Remember you get bonus points for ricochet off any objects.


It's impossible! LOL maybe with a bunch of powerups all loaded up and a shitload of luck :)

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