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Question-whiteWhat is auto collect and how do I get it?

by Rebecca Dong - Mar 16, 2012 Star_s12,147 views

I ve seen posts about slotomaia auto collects not working... I was wondering if it was what I thought it was, if it collects the special bonus autmatically for me, and how I could find it and activate it because I have looked all over for it and I havent the slightest idea where it is...

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try this working for me:


Add me plz! I'll send back!


i have discovered that the APP inside facebook "gamefeeds" doesn't work anymore... not only did it not collect, but it cleared all the feeds for the games each time...

I have much more success with the SNAG bar.... maybe it's a facebook thing?

Love the autocollect! :) thanks!


You can collect them on our MyFeed page automatically (it'll open a new window to collect)

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