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Light-bulbmuseum certificate help

by Rich Harp - Mar 18, 2012 Star_s1,197 views

ok where can i find the artifts to fill this collection i need them to complet tha mission and have gotten none? has anyone got or found any?

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12-em-plus add reply

to get these you have to harvest from Sluices and Mines.......Good Luck!


As you are working in Prospect Falls and collecting bonuses items will drop, just the same as they do at your Homestead and they will appear in the appropriate collection.
Under the "My Stuff" Tab (where you find your inventory) there is also a little box that is Labeled "Collections"
Click on the "Collections" icon and it will open all of the Collections for the entire game, past and present.
Search through these Collections ( you can type in the name in the search box Farming, Artifact, Spirit) and when you find them ( they may not be together) then trade in the completed collection (just as you would any other collection).
I then found the Collection labeled "Archeology" (which is completed by turning in each of the other 3 collections) and the prize for turning it in is The Museum Certificate and 100 Gold Nuggets.
I hope this helps to answer your question....Good Luck in your endeavors....


There are several collections from Prospect Falls. The hunting artifact collection , the Farming artifact Collection, and the spirit collection each give items needed to complete the archaeology collection. Turn in each of those 3 collections. Then you will have a completed archaeology collection. Once you turn in the archaeology collection you will receive 1 museum certificate.  


cant seem to understand this...... can you please be more specific????? how do I separate which are the farming, hunting and spirit collections???


The museum certificates come from the archaeology collection which is completed by turning in the farming, hunting and spirit collections.
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