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Question-whitewillow trees growth

by Barbara Poznanski-schaner - Mar 20, 2012 Star_s2,829 views

how long does it take to grow?can i help them?

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12-em-plus add reply

ok the 20 on the 3rd day are now at 7 chops, its been 11 days only 7 chops Grrrrr just sent email to cust, support hope they do something about this,


Mine are at a week now and still at 4 Grrr then i have about 20 on the 3rd day and still only 2 chops this really sux


Another fan page says this:

Willow Trees
New = 24 hours (1 day) takes 2 chops to cut down
Small = 48 hours (2 days) takes 4 chops to cut down
Medium = 72 (3 days) takes 8 chops to cut down
Large = 120 (5 days) takes 12 chops to cut down

However, I have found my Willow trees do not grow quite this fast. Have some on my homestead that have been there 3-5 days and are still at 4 chops. I think we've all seen this with Pine and Oak trees also.

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