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Light-bulbBarter Depot and Victorian Mansion

by Tonya Collins - Mar 22, 2012 Star_s2,283 views

By building a Barter Depot you will be able to trade basic materials for premimum ones to help Jasper and unlock new items like the Valley Oak, Jack Rabbit, and Yellow Mustard Crop.\

*Must be atleast level 25
You can build up to 3 depots to help with your batering. Each depot has 4 upgrades which allow you access to new items. After you craft an intem you have a cooldown period. The amount of time depends on the specific item you are crafting. Each building runs on a different cooldown period which means you can craft the in each building and each will have its own timer.

Building Your Depot

Phase 1:
You will need 6 of each: Auction Podiums, Heavy Duty Beams, Barter Tarriffs (all wall posts) , and 10 of each: Apprasal Notes, Bid Signals, Warehous crates (all requests)
Phase 2:
You will need 8 Auction Podums, Heavy Duty Beams, Barter Tarriffs, and
13 of each Appraisal Notes, Bid Signals, and Warehouse crates.
Phase 3:
You will need 10 Auction Podiums, Heavy Duty Beams, Barter Tariffs and 15 Appraisal Notes, Bid Signals, Warehouse Crates
Phase 4:
You will need 12 Auction Podiums, Heavy Duty Beams, Barter Tariffs and 15 Appraisal Notes, Bid Signals and Warehouse Crates.


I. On Track For Trade
Tend 20 Neighbor Crops
Build one Barter Depot
Barter for two Silk Cloth
Rewards: 450 XP, 400 Coins, 4 Yellow Mustard



II. A Delicate Trade
Clear 15 Stumps
Barter for two Mahogony
Craft 2 Victorian Vase Gifts
Rewards: 950 Xp, 2 All you can eat meals, 4 Valley Oak Trees




III. Racks N' Rifles
Harvest 40 Yellow Mustard
Barter for 3 Brass Ignots
Craft one Mahogany Gun Rack Gift
Rewards: 1525 XP , 1500 Coins, 2 Barter Mystery Crates



IV. Sparkles in the Sunlight
Collect 30 Tomato Seedlings (tend tomatoes)
Craft two silk Flower Gifts
Build 2 Large Barter Depots
Rewards: 2200 Xp , Crazy Cake, Victorian Mansion



You can also craft Barter Crates


To Build your Victorian Mansion you will need to barter 3 Silk Cloth, 3 Porcelain, 2 Mahogany Wood, 2 Polished Marble, 2 Brass Ignots, and 1 Uncut Geode.





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