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Light-bulbsnag bar for pioneer trail - not snagging!!!!

by Peppy Fa - Mar 24, 2012 Star_s388 views

I have never seen any snagged items in pioneer trail...... does anyone know what is happening??? I guess only farmville stuff can get snagged????

not fair.....

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12-em-plus add reply

I stopped using it for the first 50 so that I could manually select the items I wanted instead of getting items that I couldn't use. After that I use the snagbar, although it DOES NOT show or count the items that it sends if you don't get anything in return and it doesn't add a comment to your friends post because it only adds a comment when it 'snags' something for you. I have checked this with a friends account and she did get the items but they didn't show in my items snagged window. For ages I thought it wasn't working properly but it does. Hope this helps clarify for some people.

You DO NOT need to add a comment to send and receive the item. Simply click on the 'Play Pioneer Trail' button below the comment box and it sends the item without a comment, took me ages to realise this fact as well.


I came on here to check out the same thing. I do not see any snags for Pioneer Trail anymore. :(


Pioneer Trail is not posting updates in my feed at all. I've checked every setting and nothing.

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