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Question-whiteCan not move my city ports!!! Help

by Laura Mesa - Mar 29, 2012 Star_s320 views

I can not move my city port. I thought it may be because i have ships on there but i can not remove, move or turn them. Not sure what to do, but i would like to move them.

anyone else having this issue?

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12-em-plus add reply

Hello - just moved my city port by sending my ships off then storing my mooring bays - move then bring the mooring bays back x hope this helps


There seems to be a problem with the Cruise Ships. The Little Liners can be Moved, Rotated or Deleted. The Big Liners are a no-go while the Super Liner can be Deleted and maybe Moved. I had to delete my Super Liner so I could move my City Port. I am hoping that they fix this big soon.
Barry Knox

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