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Question-whiteHELP!!! Can not ask friends for help | Bubble witch saga

by Jenny Davis-Mena - Mar 29, 2012 Star_s1,391 views

It won't let me see any friends to ask for help. Anyone else having this issue?

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Following solutions have been tested and works for some players. 

  1. If you are using Firefox, try to use another web browser. Google Chrome is an easy-to-install browser that installs on Windows even if you do not have permissions to install anything else on the machine you are using. A six year old could install Chrome. After sending out the reqs, you can (and should..?) return gaming on in your belowed Firefox. 
  2. Open the friends list to send requests for breaking the spell, it appears and vanish very fast, so you need to be fast doing the suggested fix: Right click on the top blue part of the request box and pick "Refresh".
If neither of those two apply, you can go through comprehensive do-it-youself troubleshooting bu folllowing the steps on this list for Known Isuess and fixes. 
Please report back if you find better fixes for this issue! Smile 


Tips Source for 1. and 2


I have the same problem, verry enoying! :(


Having the same problem. Started with Eternal Isles 4. I paid to move on to 5 and now the same issue. I won't pay to keep playing. Sent problem to developer but no response. Love the game, but this is very irritating.


Yep... same here... for weeks now!


Ive been having the exact same issue for a couple days, Guess its yet abither facebook 'glitch'.

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