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Light-bulbFV Tips

by Tim Olvera - Feb 19, 2010 Star_s550 views

I'm not sure if this has been mentioned or not but there is a free macro out there that will do all of your farm clicking for you. It's a life saver! No more need for gas.

You can download the macro or the compiled EXE. Or you can do like I did and download the macro, modify it as needed and compile yourself.

Another tip I use is that I setup an alternate account that I then use to send gifts to myself. This nice thing is that I can send gifts every few hours - not just once a day.

Finally my last tip is to use multiple browsers (if you have multiple accounts). I use Chrome and Firefox. The nice thing about Chrome is that you can open your farm full screen then kick off the CLICKR (link above) and let it farm your crops. Chrome doesn't keep up with Adobe Flash but it will cache the clicks so it takes only a few seconds to let it go through an entire 24x24 farm then I switch over to Firefox on my other screen and once again go full screen and launch clickr. Firefox doesn't cache the clicks so you have to actually wait for it to go all the way through but while you're waiting for Firefox, Chrome is still catching up. It's a great way to farm two accounts at the same time!

That's all I have for now. I'd love to try out your toolbar!

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12-em-plus add reply

I was having problems with her moving to glad to finally know how .


Yes.... You have to lock him in at the place where he is when you first open your farm. If you move him and lock him in at a different location the next time you open your farm he'll be back out again.... Just make sure that you set your hay bails around him right where he is when you open your game!


My avatar is blocked in but she still keeps moving around. Any tips?


Yeah I do the hay block trick but I make sure to block him in the corner so the CLICKR script doesn't click on the avatar when it's running up and down the rows harvesting or plowing. Every time the script would click on the avatar then the customize avatar window would pop up and screw up the scripting run.


if you send love from some one and in the box that says 1000 and you send to a friend the go to farmville and get the 1000
if you go to the back button it will let you collect again and again you can get more coins


If you use hay or fence to block yourself in then you can harvest your fields faster without waiting for your avatar to catch up.


Yeah, clicking the farm 1000 times is just ridiculous. I'm on a verge of having carpal tunnels. I even considered buying a Wacom tablet. LOL Although, you mean set up an account for your cousin and use that to send gifts right? wink* wink*

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