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Light-bulblevel 138 Bubble Witch Saga

by Nev Khan - Apr 09, 2012 Star_s3,402 views

How do i get level 138?

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1. Work your way up the right side and make the middle bomb fall.
2. Work your way up the left side without detonating left t side bomb at the top.
3. On the right side top, you will have to make all of the same color bubbles around the bomb fall, but immediately plug it back up and start working your way around bomb on the left side.
4. After making left side bomb fall, start working on making the the top bubbles fall, revealing the stars.
5. Work your way over to the middle bomb and make it fall. Start popping the bubbles to reveal stars they will make the right side bomb fall.

Its not easy -- I probably did it 100 times before I got past it!! Good luck!!

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