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by Voicu Marian Viorel - Apr 10, 2012 Star_s751 views

I finished jocu bubble witch saga all 4 islands eternal, and I no longer see anything, I can help some., that he could put me on the island of eternal play 5.6 if longer, expect answers that you know .. greetings and all the best.

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12-em-plus add reply

There are now 6 Islands and you do not have to beat one to go to another one. I have beat 5 but I cannot get past level 6 of the first Island. I need help there.


We can expect new levels soon. At this point there isn't more than 4 isles.

@Diane: Lvl 1-6 manual http://bubble-witch-saga.se/eternal-isles-6-161/


How did you ever beat level 6 on the 1st island? It takes 135k for 1 star and it doesn't have anything of significance to add points? I've beat it with alot of bubbles to fall and also taking out the bubbles as I go and still my best score is ~106k. What did you do to beat this?

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