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Light-bulbflower power mission

by Rich Harp - Apr 10, 2012 Star_s119 views

my flower power mission not counting my bouqu of roses i got 15 and the mission say 0. also not reciveing halve of the stuff i click on from my neighbors ? #@!$#

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12-em-plus add reply

still nothing so what are the working on to make more [email protected] missions


They are still working on it so to get them restored submit your info here and they will be replaced


I agree with sonny why do a mission twice it not inportan mission with planting and beaging for something wasting par of your 50 to get stuff. i,m not clicking on roses no more i done mine they should give them to us! any body that reads this should do the same


It's a Known Issue "If you lost progress in the Mission "Flower power' and the Bouquets you crafted did not count toward quest completion, we were able to fix this rollback issue, and affected players have had their progress returned."


they say been fixed but still have nothing 15 done and0 in the mission! i.m not gotig to repeat all of the planting and beaging to finnish this mission not inporten any way!


My bouquets are not registering too :(

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