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Light-bulbThe 4th work shop

by Penny Nichole Mclemore - Apr 15, 2012 Star_s131 views

Does any one else think the needs to build the 4th workshop to be a lil out of the expectations it should be? what is up with all the stuff for it, I didnt need all that crap for the first 3....

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12-em-plus add reply

Also worth noting, since the 4th is a limited time release, it also stands to reason they would make it harder for people to build it. If you go into the marketplace, you will see two different workshops listed - one being the workshop that is limited to owning 3 and another that is the limited release. Different database items and therefore different requirements to build.


I thought because it needs more matrials so it must be a better workplace. But NO.
Is is just the same like the other 3.
But still i like that there is a 4th now. i can make more products now .:D everything goes alot faster since i have the 4th :D yay!!


It does take a bit more materials, but it's worth it in my opinion :)


it actually makes sense the 4th would require more materials because it is unique to the others (different items in the market)

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