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Light-bulbDaily bonus link!

by Melissa van Gasteren - Apr 16, 2012 Star_s4,153 views

Haay everyone.
I tried to get my daily bonus but i never get it.
After searching for days i found a link.

Click and get your daily bonus. The link can be used 1 time a day.
Have fun playing Castle ville!

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12-em-plus add reply

i have been at least 4 weeks waiting for a neighbour to plant corn so i can harvest can someone help me i only need 3 to complete


Thank you So Much for Sharing Melissa , That was So Awesome Of You :)



@ jennifer sunde.
Well yesterday i found 2 nice link sites for energy and all that stuff but i gues you already know them.
1Sec i share them here!
Realy nice on but sometimes they forget to update. most of the time they just forget it 1 day so they are up to date most of the time.

and then this one :
I think this is the best of the 2 i just shared. Really organized and they update 2-3 times a day! pretty awesome!!

Good luck with it and have fun playing Castle ville!!


Thanks for sharing. Any chance of extra energy, alchemist powder, or whatever is greatly appreciated and needed in this game.


no problem peepz.
i like to help others :)

@graham kelly > cool. thats so awesome :D


thank you :-)


Thank you, didn't know about that one :)


Cool thanks Melissa I got an energy which is greatly needed

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