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Light-bulbTips on the level 20's

by Zoie Chanel - Apr 21, 2012 Star_s6,179 views

Someone should give me tips for the level 20's. I'm only getting one stars and I've read numerous tips online and watched walkthroughs but any more advice would be appreciate! Also if anyone would kindly give me charms for bubble witch saga or facebook credits for that I would be FOREVER grateful and would do anything for you!! Haha. But seriously, tips would be awesome.

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12-em-plus add reply

You have to fill all the 4 extra bottles (extra spiders, extra 7 bubbles, extra 2 colour bubbles & 3 holes in ceiling)
Start your way through the middle and don't waste any bubbles. You can have a peek 3 times to the ceiling if you have this option. if you have reached the ceiling use the colour bubbles to knock out more then 1 from the ceiling. When you have the option to put a net on the outerside buggets please use this before all bubbles are falling.
I have reached 3 stars with 141.000 points......and without cheating !


For facebook Credits you can install the Snagbar and then get GU! coins when you do your online shopping! :) GU! coins earned by shopping cna be redeemd to FB coins.

Level 20 is one of the levels that I find especially hard. By using the Magic Potion with the Yellow Spider I guarantee that I at least past the level. But to score good, I mean REALLY good, like two or three stars you need to have extreme luck with the bubbles from the cauldron and NOT MISS ANY SHOT AT ALL!!!! I "climb" my way  up on the inner side of the black rows to make a straight shot above the black rows. If the spiders have came down nicely I score good when I can drop the rows and the bubbles near the walls, that I haven't touched. 


I am at a higher level and have left this level "unstared", I am still working on gettting 3 Stars for it but the good thing going back to the Pumpkin Fields levels(16-25) is that I now can use more potions, so scoring 2 stars isn't impossible now. 

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