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Question-whitea neighbor has toms house already?

by Leigh Anne Boyle - Apr 21, 2012 Star_s900 views

one of my neighbors has toms house already when will the rest of us get it? i just finished a quest for tom and he dissappeared.

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12-em-plus add reply

sooo how do yhu get it cause im done but tom jst dissapeard


Nobody said how Tom's lazy butt could be moved. I have the same prob as Lesa (he's just standing around blocking an optimal spot for my cottage....and, no, there is nothing blocking his way) Maybe if I got him a house he'd take his lard over to it?


Tom is beginning to annoy me. His is just standing an wavering back and forth now for days and days....
I would like to sit a building right were he happens to be standing, but he won't move his chubby arse! ;)
Anyone have any idea's
Also, I can't seem to find out where I can purchase a home for him or Giovanni, though I do have neighbors whom have those houses.
I'm not very high. I've just gotten serious with the game in the last week or so, level 16.
Thanks, Lesa


I'm at level 36. The next set of Tom's quests appeared mysteriously last night. It did take a few days before it appeared though.


i just got a new toms quest so hopefully a house to go along with it and im at level34


I don't think it is rank. I haven't got Toms house and I'm rank 35 and I completed the first of Toms quests a couple of days ago and now I have no quests at all.

I am also having problems visiting neighbours as the last task never seems to get registered and it leaves one energy at many of my neighbours and I have to keep going back to redo one task. Now I have one neighbour showing as needing a visit but energy is zero and I can't get the energy icon to cancel whatever I do.


maybe ur not high enuff on rank yet


I am completely questless and no sign of Tom's house.


finish the first quest of toms 2nd gives u his house to build


Same here. Quite a few of my neighbours have Toms house. We must be at the end of the queue!

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