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Question-whiteHow are some of us still posting requests?

by Roxanne Reals - Apr 24, 2012 Star_s172 views

I'd sure like to learn how to post gift exchanges, otherwise Ravenskye is useless to continue. Please FB message me to show me how! Thanks!!!

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12-em-plus add reply

I would give the same idea about the craft shop... Maybe form a big online version of ESSENSIAL NEEDS.. Like for new items... that give the same effect as it used to when you clicked and a thing popped up instantly... DX I love this game and getting more to work with... but I may have to stop playing out of sheer bordum and stuff... and being unable to use those flooring on all the squares aswell as the new flooring you get lately... Can't even put together the stuff that match in the same catagory.


using the ASK FRIENDS in the crafting buildings WILL: still post links to your wall.. I


You can get some of the items to post inside the crafting buildings...


I would like to know as well..same request here please

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