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Question-whitethink thats me finished..

by Jane Elizabeth Clark - Apr 26, 2012 Star_s316 views

ok..level 52....must admit lost the will to live now...think maybe go find another game to play...cannot get passed it...well done to thoses of you that have....infact also giving up bubble sage..been stuck on level 57 for last three months....so gonna give up now...happy playing all of you hope you all do much better than me.....xxxx

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12-em-plus add reply

Don't give up, we all know that you can do it! <3 It takes a big deal of patience and lot of time, but all the sudden... The ceiling just drops, the score meter goes up and BAM you have 1 or 2 stars!

You mention both level 52 and level 57 in your post. Here is a link to a manual for level 52 that also have a great video to guide you. Level 52.

And if it is 57 you are so upset about, please watch this video. :)



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