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Light-bulbHELP ME -- stuck on Level 34

by Silvia Acosta - Apr 26, 2012 Star_s3,221 views

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12-em-plus add reply

Yes, especially the area in this pic can be painful! And the frikkin' spiders doesn't help to ease the level either. :( I think that this strategy pic helps dealing with the highlighted area. you can also read the full manual

level 34


I have been stuck on this level for 3 months now! (I play every evening too!) I try not to burst the spider bubbles but sometimes you don't get the choice! I try to burst as many as I can in one go but all to no avail. I have now started to lose interest in the game as I cannot progress!!


Kathy! Try to not burst the spider bubbles, let them fall into the cauldrons instead. That way they'll generate more score and you'll get your star!


I can get all of my bubbles, but I never have a high enough score.....any ideas?

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