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Light-bulbThe Hidden Meadow - Family Outing

by Tonya Collins - Apr 26, 2012 Star_s1,735 views


Bad news, Your kid's got a case of poison Ivy and needs a good dose of Granny's Healing Salve! Head on out to the Meadow to get the ingredients and your little one will be healed in no time!

With the release of this set of misisons we will have access to 2 new crops, the Marigold and Aloe Vera which are both available on the free gifts page. We will also have new animal, The Black Bear!


Tending To Adventure
Clear 8 Wildflowers
Tend 20 Geese
Activate the Hidden Meadow (click on it)
Rewards: 200 XP, 200 Coins, 1 Hidden Meadow Map

Winging It
Find and Heal the Baby Hawk
Sell 15 Standard Adult Goats
Locate the Path to the Hidden Meadow
Rewards: 400 XP, 400 Coins, 1 Hidden Trail Marker

A Bridge Over Troubled Waters
Get 10 Brick Builder Kits (request from friends)
Harvest 25 Marigold (free gift)
Repair the Bridge (complete stage 2)
Rewards: 600 XP, Baby Black Bear, Repaired Bridge

The Hidden Meadow
Collect 8 Small Honeycombs (from tending the baby black bear)
Harvest 35 Aloe Vera (free gift)
Mix a Healing Salve (complete stage 3)
Rewards: 800 XP, 800 Coins, Healthy Kid

A Night to Remember
Harvest 65 Cotton
Harvest 60 Cocoa Trees
Build a Bonfire (complete stage 4)
Rewards: 1000 XP, 1000 Coins, Family Bonfire



The hidden Meadow will take 4 stages of building.

Stage 1 - Search for the Hidden Meadow
6 Walking Sticks (requested)
4 Hiking Boots (requested)
3 Jungle Machetes (crafted)
16 Orange Slices (tend orange trees)
*1 Jungle Machete = 3 Machete Handles + 3 Raw Metal from (clearing rocks)

Stage 2
Repair the Bridge and Cross the River
8 Tough Rope (requested)
16 Marigold Blossoms (drops from tending marigold which are a free gift)
4 Goat Glue (crafted)
6 Iron Stakes (requested)
6 Wooden Mallets (requested)
1 Hidden Trail Marker (reward from mission II, Winging It)
*1 Goat Glue = 4 Glue Jars (requested) + 4 Goat Hoof Clippings (from feeding adult goats)

Stage 3 - Prepare A Healing Salve
8 Itch Away (requested)
8 Bug Repellent (crafted)
6 Healing wraps (crafted)
6 Smoothing Cream (found by tending cows)
6 Cool Spring Water (requested)
1 Repaired Bridge (Reward from Mission III, A Bridge over Troubles Waters)
*Bug Repellent = 1 Foul Tonic (crafted) + 5 Spray Nozzles (requested)
*1 Foul Tonic = 3 Protective Pollen (harvest mixed tulips), + 5 empty bottles (requested)
*1 Healing Wrap = 4 Clean Cloths (requested), and 4 Aloe Vera Tips (from tending Aloe Vera Crops)

Stage 4 - Build a Bonfire for a Relaxing Night
12 Spooky Stories (requested)
12 Bug Repellent (crafted)
3 Roaring Fires (crafted)
16 Singalong Songs (requested)
20 Combusti wool (from tending adult sheep)
1 Healthy Kid (reward from mission IV, The Hidden Meadow)
**Bug Repellent = 1 Foul Tonic (crafted) + 5 Spray Nozzles (requested)
*1 Foul Tonic = 3 Protective Pollen (harvest mixed tulips), + 5 empty bottles (requested)
*Roaring Fire = 2 Fire Pits + 6 Monstrous Matches
* Fire Pit = 8 Oak Kindling (chop oak trees), and 8 Bonfire Stones requested)

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12-em-plus add reply

yeap with this new mission nothing but problem with game please refresh and repor bug and every thing else me i'm fixing to quit playing .........

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