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Light-bulbPaying to enter eternal isles 8 :(

by Diane McDougall - May 03, 2012 Star_s1,581 views

I don't want to have to pay to play the next level, how mean! Think i will be looking for a new game to play !!!

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Vicky Knight: I got three stars on level 165 with a score of 208 330...and still no golden ticket. (from another forum), so maybe there's another trick to it?


I also have played the new levels and No Golden Ticket. I am hearing now that maybe we have to get 3 stars on the final one but that will be almost impossible again unless you buy potions to unlock. I do not want to buy anything as my husband will go nuts spending money to play a game :( Need help and answers please


well i tried to get the credits by earning them but thats a swizz cos i ended up paying for them anyway lol, wont fall for that one again !!


If you pay to break the lock on EI 8 you get the same message about that the cats have helped you, as you would on any other level, so I think that there is big possibilites that the lock can be broken w/o FB coins!!!


I don't want to pay either! At this point I have a small wish that I could find the Golden Ticket in the Sea Levels, but I think I have to play them to see! I hope someone that pleyed the new free levels will report back to us soon!

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