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Question-whiteHow do you get extra Homes?

by Carol Pecka Amata - May 06, 2012 Star_s248 views

I've noticed that a few of my friends have 2 houses for Mia and Tom...How do you do this? Thanks for helping

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12-em-plus add reply

Well, it is not neccicerly a hack. If you use the Castleville bot there is a buy item abbility that allows you to buy any item that ever existed. Thats how they bought the extra houses, and this glictch can also be proformed by using the charles web debuging proxy.


not necessarely hack.. I lost some buildings and whatever I ve won like quest awards. so I don't have Stonehenge and Red City Center etc. But whatever it was in my inventory has been showed up in Kingdom , so I have two things.. hehe, well 3 times my kingdome has gone back in the past , which means that I have 4 both kissings red and 4 both kissings purple, and two gold soldier statue...


they are using the duplication hack. one of my neighbours has around 20 golden oak trees


Some of the special houses and crafting buildings you can put in storage. Like the beastie lab. The game will think that you don't have the building and can construct another one. Then take the other one out of storage.


they are cheating and have hacked it some how

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