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Light-bulbMae Day Mysteries

by Tonya Collins - May 07, 2012 Star_s1,650 views

Sheriff Mae has arrived and I can promise you we will need her! Its time to
put those detective skills to work to help Mae as she tracks down the
criminals! You will be her deputy and track down clues, find hints around the

It will all start with a pop up anouncing the arrival of Mae and the start of 10
missions that will cover 4 mysteries on teh homestead. Depending on the
clues you will also need to craft certain items.

You will also be earing special rewards for completing each mystery as well as the standard mission rewards. Along the way brand new collections will be unlocked, the Wayward Rocket Collection, The Bungling Botanist Collection and the Hidden Hideout Collection.




Spy Glass = 3 Spy Glass Lens + 2 Meatal Tubes 
Plaster of Paris = 4 All Purpose Flour + 3 Warm Water (flour comes from wheat)
Plaster Casting Kit = 2 Plaster of Paris + 4 Casting Tools
Glass Lens = 5 Buffing Cloth + Circular Glass (cloth comes from cotton)
Hand Lens = 3 Glass Lens + 6 Maplewood Handles

Compass = 5 compass needles + 4 Brass Plates



Mystery 1,  The Case of the Wayward Rocket (Reward Great goose Detective)

1. A Gal Without A Horse
Investigate One Horse Track
Clear 10 Grass
Collect 20 Saddle Straps
Rewards: 200XP, 300 coins, Horse
* Horse Tracks require a Spyglass to Solve. Tend Adult Cows to drop Saddle Straps.

2. Rocket Retrieval
Turn in One Wayward Rocket Collection
Harvest 40 Apple Trees
Collect 10 Stray Horse Hair
Rewards: 250XP, 400 coins, Skewbald Horse
* Items from the Wayward Rocket Collection come from harvesting Apple Trees. Ask neighbours for hair.


Mystery 2 - The case of the Fabulous Footwear (Reward Falcon of Malta)

1. Fancy Feet
Investigate Two Footprints
Collect 20 Shoelaces
Collect 10 Wads of Chewing Gum
Rewards: 300XP, 500 coins, All You Can Eat
* Footprints need a Plaster Casting Kit to solve. Shoelaces drop from Harvesting Flax. Gum is requested from friends. 

 2. A Feat of Feet
Investigate Three Horse Tracks
Collect 20 Crumpled Receipts
Collect 10 Guilty Confessions
Rewards: 400XP, 600 coins, Tracking Pig
* Horse Tracks need a Spyglass to solve. Crumpled Receipts come from chopping pine and oak trees. Confessions are requested from friends.


Mystery 3 - The Case of The Bungling Botanist (Reward 5 Doc's Growth Forumula)

1. The Mysterious Formula
Investigate Two Torn Fabric
Collect 25 Suspicious Fingerprints
Collect 10 Horticulture Notes
Rewards: 500XP, 700 coins, Green Lightning
* Torn Fabric requires a Hand Lens, Tend Apricot Trees to find Suspicious Fingerprints. Request Notes from friends.

2. A Secret Ingredient
Investigate Two Footprints
Collect 10 Secret Recipes
Collect 25 Broken Plant Stems
Rewards: 600XP, 800 coins, Loyal Pioneer
* Footprints require a Plaster Casting Kit to solve. Secret Recipes are requested from friends. Broken Plant Stems come from Harvesting Vanilla Orchids.

 3. The Real Scoop
Turn in Two Bungling Botanist Collections
Investigate Three Horse Tracks
Investigate Two Torn Fabric
Rewards: 700XP, 900 coins, Quick Draw Quaff
*Items for the Bungling Botanist Collection come from harvesting Broccoli. Horse Tracks require a Spyglass to solve, Torn Fabric requires a Hand Lens. 


Mystery 4 - The Case of the Hidden Hideout (Reward Lasso Post)

1. Over The River and Through The Orchard
Investigate 5 Horse Tracks
Collect 35 Half Eaten Figs
Collect 10 Bandit Masks
Rewards: 800XP, 1'000 coins, Red Panda
*Horse Tracks need a Spyglass to solve. Figs come from Fig Trees. Bandit Masks are requested from friends.  

2. Oxen Box-In
Collect 30 Cattle Branders
Harvest 30 Aloe Vera
Craft 5 Compasses
Rewards: 900XP, 1'250 coins, 2 12 Hour Triple Mastery Boosts
*Cattle Branders drop from tending Adult Oxen. Aloe Vera is gifted from friends. Compasses are crafted. 

3. Corny Caper
Turn in Three Hidden Hideout Collections
Investigate Four Footprints
Investigate Three Torn Fabric
Rewards: 1'000XP, 1'500 Coins Raging Buffalo
*Items for the Hidden Hideout Collection come from harvesting Corn. Footprints Require a Plaster Casting Kit. Torn Fabric takes a Hand Lens,



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12-em-plus add reply

The first mission only requires you to craft one, but you won't get the rest of it until you move through the missions. Mission 4 and 7 each require. The other missions each have other requirements. 


how many time do you got to do the spyglass part? i have done 3 times all ready and no other part has poped up!

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