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Light-bulbLEVEL 33 - Help Please

by Shelly Roberts - May 11, 2012 Star_s702,567 views

I keep coming up one move short when I play level 33 in Candy Crush. Is there some secret I'm missing?

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Help, I'm Stuck!

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Level 33 has been changed to have 17 moves instead of the earlier 14, but it is still a very very hard level!

Tips that Lea have written freshly:

--> http://bubble-witch-saga.se/candy-crush-saga-level-33/


This is the first stage whereby luck plays an important part.

1. The rule is always start from the bottom
2. However when you can create specials (striped or wrapped) on top, just do them first.
3. A wrap + striped will do you a lot of help.

for level 65 playing and clearing in 10 times in 1 hour is something achievable
for level 33 even a lucky person wont be able to get 3 clearance in 1 hour


My video for lvl 33, I'm so happy I did it! All excited telling everywhere and everyone I finally made an upload. :P http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_diqT_gNoM


It's just 20 % luck actually.. You just have to know how to!

It's actually very easy.. This explains it in 1:30 minutes sooo.. good luck:D


Not a secret. Just really hard. Try it on pc and see if that's any easier as sometimes for some reason that can work sometimes.

This is how I feel when I get stuck:

[embed_video_url= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0ORhS0FA7A]



How i beat 23


I see a lot of good comments here on how to beat level 33 but I haven't seen any videos with instructional commentary. You can beat this level only using basic combos and you DONT need to use boosters for this level. I beat this level my 2nd try, so i know you gies can do it as well. Watch my video here and ill explain to you step by step how to beat candy crush level 30.


I made it only after twenty trials!


I am also stacked at level 33. Very difficult to break all th jellys in 14 moves. However, 2 stars have been received and I shall play for 3 star now.


Where can I find help on level 113 please?


I've passed this level several times with up to two stars...I'm looking for advice on how to obtain all three stars at this level. So frustrating!


Still doesn't work here. After reading wathever. It's all about I luck for me. I ALWAYS start with NO change on the bottom... Fucking hell. Guess I have more luck in love...


definitely something freaky about this page, i passed next go after reading this. but i did switch to playing on my computer/facebook instead of the app on my phone


All about luck...its where luck outweighs skill in obtaining an objective.


Wow, read this and passed my 3rd time....after I had been stuck for 3 days on level 33


Work on the bottom first. When you clear bottom sometimes you will automatically clear the top as well.


Holy fuck. Stuck for 2 weeks played every night read this forum n went bak and got it by luck. Fukn freaky shiet!!


OMG thats so wied swear down i was stuck for days read these few replies and passed on first try!! what the actual......!!!!????


Watched the explanation and it totally doesn't work unless you get lucky. I played 3 rounds where I didn't even have an opening move on the bottom. Luck definitely plays a big part...


You Have Free Boosters if you play Candy Crush on Facebook.com! So for the ones who didn't know you have a few Free to use:D USE IT:)
I didn't use them yet.. So I played level 33 again! And Passed it right away without luck:P

just another way to pass this level@@@ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDlSlyG1PKM



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