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Light-bulbCastleville Free Links Patched by Zynga

by Raccoon Biernat - May 12, 2012 Star_s10,986 views

Castleville Free Links Patched by Zynga

Castleville free gold bricks, free energy links have been patched by Zynga, the community of programers would be working around the clock to have this issue resolved.

Many castleville players are now stranded with out extra energy or extra free gold bricks, free crystal shards links , or other free links that many of the websites have provided.

The Service that has been provided by many other websites for castleville players been outstanding, it baffles me why would a company limit everyone on free things, now most likely Zynga will loose many players just because 25 energy isn’t enough to do anything in your kingdom.

We will update you if a fix has been found or created, but for now all the reserves that many others had will be gone in 1 day , so lets hope this is not the end of free things for a game that we come to love so much.

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Just make the gold bricks and stuff QUIT BEING SO LAZY! Everything in the free links is obtainable by crafting or working try actually visiting neighbours for stuff or using your workshops instead of whinging and whining here!


Im DONE...done with FV, FV2 and CV....screw you Zynga


I have been WINING to Zynga about the amount of energy available is too small and the renew time should be 3 min instead of 5. As you can see it seems to fall on deaf ears. I am an everyday player and really like the game but this is stupid.


Why would it baffle you? Of course they dont like it, they are losing money.


New patch is out and we are able to make links again. here we go again with new links:)


True Amy, but it was so good:) and so nice and.... well they might fix this:)


I'm actually surprised that they didn't fix this glitch for such a long time. This is something that you should just enjoy while it lasts :)

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