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Question-whiteselling rehabilitated animals

by Aimee Dersch - May 12, 2012 Star_s779 views

could someone please tell me which animals I need to sell to finish the animal hospital par iv, I have tried selling some but it doesn't show as being sold. What am I doing wrong?

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I have sold several animals from the hospital and several on the list below and it hasn't given me credit for any sold.... I don't know what to do.


Rehabilitated animals list:
White Buffalo
Black Deer
Old Dog
Spring: Robin,bear cub, turtle, Chinchilla, Quail Ferret
Ducks: Mallard, Purple and Yellow
Pregnant Bunny
Brown Mule

I tried selling other animals like burnt bunny, etc but they don't count. Hope this list is helpful.


I've been on this mission for some time and it stopped counting my sold healed animals at 3.

Any ideas?


I think I know what your missing. All the little robins, squirls, what ever hatched from the old eggs, basically anything that is not a farm animal or had a "heal" mission etc, badgers too. all these animals can be stored in the hospital. it will tell you first you can store if I remember correctly like 100 animals. you can also add and remove the same animals several times and it will give you credit for the storage that isn't there. basically they want you to remove the animals that are stored and sell them. hit the arrow on the gadget box. look for the gold coins, that's sell. Tap that and a screen will pop up telling yo of the animal is completed if it had to grow or be healed, accept to sell, and that should be it. also you can do the same thing to earn the badges in the ponderosa lodge. you will have to store so many items or animals it items in the shed or what ever. the taking in and out or re-storing them works for that too. Hope this helps. My name is Terry I'm level 12? so if I can help with anything let me know. You are welcome to friend request as there is a lot of crap on my page you might need to finish quests. The only thing I never have is re-viveable crops. Mine don't die. That comes later too. Have fun, It will drive ya crazy!!!!!!

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