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Question-whiteI am trying to place my dragons breath flower out and the game keeps telling me "Building Cap Reached" hello... its a flower...

by Paul Mason - May 13, 2012 Star_s3,310 views

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12-em-plus add reply

whats if i have 5 dragons breath... no idea


I have Dragons breath but where do you get the Flower of life?


I did like David said: placed flower of life in storage, place dragon's breath on the ground, then took the flower of life out of storage again. Worked fine here :)


I tried what David mentioned ( place your Flower of Life in storage you can place your dragon's breath. Then take flower of life out of storage again) that worked and allowed me to have both in my kingdom.

Thanks David!


yes what david said there is a post on here about it too

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If you place your flower of life in storage, you can place your dragon's breath. Then take flower of life out of storage again


I have the same problem, and I put a 'castle' level decoration in my inventory and tried to place the flower but it still says 'building cap reached'


you need to take one of your items out of your castle to place it. You apparently are only allowed so many items,

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