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Question-whiteAdditional lives not showing up - Please Help!

by Victoria Valz Wilbeck - May 16, 2012 Star_s43,765 views

My friends are sending me extra lives in Candy Crush Saga and although I accept them, they do not show up on my life monitor. Am I supposed to retrieve them from somewhere else? Any help would be appreciated.

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I had 15 lives in the envelope and had to wait for help from friends to move to the next level, but when I came back online the envelope and lives had gone! This happens a lot. WHY????


No need for sending lives! Just watch this short vid.. Always free lives :)
Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qb-e9lzK6dw



So aggravated!!! I had 51 lives in my envelope on my iPad last night. I opened up to play today and suddenly they are gone and it went back to 5. How do I get them back?


Mine never goes over 5 lives, is there a limit? because I get plenty of them gifted to me.


Where is the message inbox???


When you log in after not playing for a while you usually go back to five lives...yes? So, when you first log in and see messages that a friend sent you a new life, ignore it, and close the message. Then when you have used all your five lives you can then go back to your message inbox, click on your friends gift of a life and use it. This works better on a mobile device, like an iPad, as the messages are clearly shown on the right of the screen. It is not so easy to use if you are playing on Facebook, but just look for your message inbox, you should be able to do it.


I am having a problem with "lagging." When I click on the candies to swap them, nothing happens for a couple of seconds. Since I can't do anything and the time is ticking away, I can't complete the levels.


The "log out" and "log back in" method no longers works


I was having the same problem and I discovered that if I don't accept the lives when I first log in to the game, they are still there. Once I use up the "game lives", I refresh the game page and I can accept the lives. I only accept 5 at a time and close the windows on the other gifts.


i am having the same problem :(

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