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Light-bulbTutorial - How to post links in Solitaire Blitz Free Links Exchange thread

by Elliott Soh - May 17, 2012 Star_s1,237 views


Hi everyone,

I'm sure you are well aware about the new Free Links Exchange thread in Solitaire Blitz section. This is a quick and easy tutorial to posting links on that thread. Do keep in mind that the links will last for 1 month from the time of post.

Also do note the forum guidelines at

Thanks and happy sharing!

The following tutorial was created using Google Chrome:

If you find it rather time consuming or tiresome clicking all those links on the forum, here is how you may do it with some nifty keyboard shortcuts:

1. Hover your mouse over one link.
2. Hold Ctrl key on your keyboard, and select that link to open the link in a new tab on your browser (rather than right-clicking the link and selecting Open link in New Tab or Window). DO NOT MOVE THE MOUSE YET.
3. Still holding down Ctrl key, press Page Down (or PgDn on some keyboards) to view the new opened tab.
4. Still holding down Ctrl key, wait for the page to load up before hitting the W key to close that tab.
5. Now, move your mouse cursor up from that link you previously opened.
Repeat steps 1 through 5 for each link.

Note: If you come to the top of the page and you need to move it up and bookmark an area, highlight with the mouse the last link you just opened. Then, move the page up by mouse or the Up arrow key, and continue from the link above your bookmarked text.

Alternatively, enable this script in your browser:

The link will appear in the Share dialogue top text field.

Note: For Google Chrome and Firefox (Greasemonkey plugin required). Verified safe (MD5 Hash Code: ff13953f82447babb56db6b32bf70d8c).

Credits: Vasil Martinov (Code Writer) & Swapnil G. Enjoyin.


Hope that will make things easier for you now.

If you are unable to view this image, please refer to

To get to the Free Links Exchange, go to

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12-em-plus add reply

Here's a tutorial on how to install and use the plugin:


**NEW!!** Use these steps to counter the new measures:
1. Right click on the dialogue box.
2. Click on Inspect Element. A new screen will open displaying codes.
3. Press CTRL + F. It will display the Find text field section at the top-right.
4. Type kt_ut within the Find text field. You will see a line that begins with input type="hidden" id="input_link".
5. Locate and double click on the area after value= and copy text written from till the end of the code after kt_ut= before the & symbol.
The link should appear as (for example only), the unique code being 16 characters long.

Alternatively, enable this script in your browser:
Note: For Google Chrome and Firefox (Greasemonkey plugin required). Verified safe (MD5 Hash Code: ff13953f82447babb56db6b32bf70d8c).

Credits: Vasil Martinov (Code Writer) & Swapnil G. Enjoyin.


Hey everyone,

I have found a URL opener that can open up links for you, just like those 1-Click game feeds on Gamers Unite! More effort is required though.

You could copy those links one by one until you've got a list of them on a Notepad (program in Windows) or spreadsheet column, and pasting the whole lot into a text box on this website (open this in a New Window)...

All you need to do then is hit Submit and watch the magic begin. Once all tabs have been opened, close the whole window after about 10 seconds or until you see the Solitaire Blitz app loaded on the page. Alternatively, if you wish to check through each link, you may close each tab one by one by pressing the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+W.

[Note: These shortcuts are made for the Windows platform. For other platforms, please refer to your browser help or manual. This works in Internet Explorer 9 and newer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.]


Hi Jean,

You may share links that have existed for under 1 month (that is the shelf life for all rewards) just as long as you have not shared them before. Repeated links tend to get error messages and as such no rewards will be redeemed.

Hope you have an easy time doing this, as I have also included how you may collect those links using a spreadsheet. Have fun!


Is there a way to go back to the ones that I have already shared and copy the link or can it only be done at the time I share it with someone?

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