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Light-bulbLink Exchange...what should happen next?

by Julia Schlotel - May 17, 2012 Star_s180 views

So, I've managed to post a link, and it currently says 10 or so people have helped does this help manifest? Should I recieve a message in game?

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12-em-plus add reply

so far today I have 47 exchange hits...I have gifts back 175 or about that...I know how to make a link by going to a friend or the wall and makiing that link...I know how to post a exchange link. but none have come back... are their other people who are experiencing this... Last night when I left facebook and Gamer Unite I had 305 woo goo and when I came back to Gamers Unite it said that I had 29 exchanges or people who have gifted... when I went a to my feed in gamers unite and collected it would only go back 3 hr. but when I went into facebook GU feed by clicking on more monster world feed and it went back 13 hr. which was correct...all day I have been posting every 3 hrs and yesterday too...So I don't know when this started but there is nothing coming threw. So I am not understanding...Pls Help...


Ah OK, thanks for your reply Jill.


No, It just shows up. Make sure to refresh often. It takes a little time between the help showing up on gamers unite and on facebook.

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