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Light-bulbIt's Babysitting Time!

by Tonya Collins - May 17, 2012 Star_s6,753 views

It's Babysitting Time!

These Twins are a handful and a lot of work! Looks like Hank and Fanny need a break and are counting on you to babysit the little rugrats! There is a total of 9 missions, and mission 4 and 8 will each have to be repeated 3 times. Each mission gives hugs as a reward and you will need a total of 120 to complete the main mission. Keep this in mind as you decide which other missions to repeat so you don't come out short! Completing the 8 missions gives you 3 Fanny mystery crates and after you complete the main mission you will receive the babysitter bird bath.You will be able to restart missions from your cabin and earn some great rewards along the way!

Main Mission: Pinch Hitter Babysitter
Have 120 Twin Hugs
Complete the fourth mission (Time to Bounce) 3 times
Complete the eighth mission (Lullaby for Lily) 3 times
Rewards: 2000 XP, 2000 coins, Babysitter Birdbath

I. Morning Stroll? More Like A Sprint
Collect 15 Fast Fries
Collect 8 Morning Muffins
Remove 5 Stumps
Rewards: 100XP 3 Honeydew Melons, 1 Twin Hugs

II. A Picnic In The Shade
Harvest 15 Horseradish Crops (free gift)
Collect 20 Vitamin Milk (comes from adult cows)
Collect 15 Picnic Sheets ( requested)
Rewards: 200 XP, Nectarine Tree, 2 Twin Hugs

III. Lullabye For Frank
Craft 5 Naptime Snacks
Collect 20 Carved Honeydew (from honey dew melons, free gift)
Collect 15 Calming Blossoms (come from clearing wildflowers)
Rewards: 400 Xp, Mystery Animal Crate, 4 Twin Hugs
**Naptime Snack = 4 mashed arpicot (from apricot trees), and 4 warm milk

IV. Time To Bounce - Repeat x 3
Craft 4 Tandem Wooden Horses
Collect 40 Coiling Vines (harvesting pumpkins)
Collect 15 Soft Spurs (requested)
Rewards: 500 XP, 1 Lunch, 5 Twin Hugs
**Tandem Wooden Horse =2 bolted mounts (crafted) + 4 baby saddles (requested)
**Bolted Mount = 4 Miniature mounts (collected from rideable horses) + 4 Mounting Bolts (requested)

V.The Greatest Story Ever Told
Collect 40 Authentic Droppings (from adult pigs)
Collect 50 Lucky Clovers (harvst clover)
Collect 30 Pretend Swords (requested)
Rewards: 600 Xp, Mystery Animal Crate, 6 Twin Hugs

VI.Wipe Out
Harvest 40 Pink Roses
Collect 30 Harness Clamps (harvest adult oxen)
Craft 8 Wet Cloth
Rewards: 700XP, 700 Coins, 8 Twin Hugs
**Wet Cloth = 3 cool water + 5 soft cloths

VII.Sweet Smellin' Lily
Collect 35 Mashed Nectarines (harvest nectarine trees)
Harvest 60 White Roses
Collect 35 Smellbetter Soap (requested)
Rewards: 900XP, Statley Estate Crate, 10 Twin Hugs

VIII. Lullaby For Lily - Repeat x 3
Collect 60 Oily Polish (harvest flax)
Collect 25 Horsehair String (from adult non rideable horses)
Craft 8 Full Moon Cellos
Rewards: 1, 000, 1 Dinner, 12 Twin Hugs
** Full Moon Cellow = 2 oversized guitars (crafted) + 4 cello bows
**Oversized guitar = 3 cello belly (requested) + 4 fingerboards (requested)


Soft spurs

Baby Saddle

Pretend Swords

Cello Belly

Cello Bow

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After we complete Pinch Hit Babysitter, are we done with Babysitting missions?

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