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Light-bulbMarvel: Avengers Alliance Villiains List

by Neigy Jan - May 18, 2012 Star_s2,574 views

Villains are bosses encountered in missions in Marvel: Avengers Alliance. Here will show you all the Villains of all Chapers and which chapter they will appear and the role.

Mini-Bosses are enemies that can appear before the final battle.

Bosses are enemies fought at the end of a chapter. If a mini-boss was not defeated beforehand, they will appear in the final battle in addition to the main boss.

Epic Bosses are enemies that will only appear if you finish all battles and deploys in the chapter. Deploys MUST be completed before the final battle, or they will disappear.

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Shield points don't add to the previous that I have when i try accepting gifts...

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