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Light-bulbZynga isn't helpful. We want Castleville fixed NOW, some of us spend real money on the game.

by Xandra Braugarten - May 19, 2012 Star_s325 views

Constant "You've Lost the Magic" notifications. This is not cool. Some of us who spend real money now and then deserve a game that will work, all the time and not just sometimes. The Zynga site is not at all helpful, treats us like statistics, not as real financial contributers. I'm very unhappy, as are many of the rest of us. Get this BS fixed, dammit, or we're gonna just walk outta here. I know your developers make good money, so get them off vacation and on to keeping the game vital and alive. If you're not paying them to stay on top of things, then you better start giving them a living wage, else your income is going to really take a hit. 'Cuz that's how the free-enterprise capitalistic system works. You want money, you gotta provide the service without stupid games.

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12-em-plus add reply

My game was stuck in 'refresh' mode. I couldn't play it at all.

A friend sent me to go try to play the game thru the site. It worked!! Now my game is playable again. You might try it. Just sayin' and good luck.


hi there, honestly i can tell you you are in a wrong place , gamers unite cant fix your game only zynga can, and i know it can be frustrating, been there myself, but dont give up, i know many others who never gave up and got their game fixed, to let zynga know about your game problem here is a link to zynga email support and if you spend money on a game, you are aligable to have the live chat, so go on live chat and let them know. i hope your game gets fixed and i am so sorry.

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