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Light-bulbFarmVille: Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 9 Quests (June 4, 2012)

by 'Surender Jakher' - May 22, 2012 Star_s7,706 views

This Quest will be available from June 4 to June 11, 2012.

Missing Pictures will be added soon…

Quest 1: Oh Buoy!

» Get 4 Sonar Pinger
Harvest 85 Taro/Royal Taro (4 Hours)
Harvest 55 Oysters (Water, 4 Hours)
125 XP, Diving Bell Cow

Quest 2: Dive!

» Get 6 Diving Helmets
» Harvest 65 Yellow Fin Tuna (Water, 24 Hours)
» Harvest Diving Bell Cow 1 Time
150 XP, Bamboo Golf Cart

Quest 3: Into the Dephs

» Get 8 Aqua Lamp
» Harvest 110 Shrimps (Water, 16 Hours)
» Make 3 Hawaiian Kabobs
175 XP, Shipwreck

Quest 4: Party Preparation

» Get 10 Pineapple Slices
» Harvest 150 Kona Coffee (10 Hours)
» Harvest Island Aviary
200 XP, Umbrella Paper Tree

Quest 5: Coming and Going

» Get 11 Tropical Trays
» Harvest 230 Double Pikake (18 Hours)
» Harvest Paper Umbrella Tree 1 Time
225 XP, Tiki Waitress

Quest 6: Aloha Hawaii!

» Get 12 Aloha Lei
» Harvest 235 Mussels (Water, 7 Hours)
» Make 4 Island Punch
250 XP, Gypsy Daisy Horse

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12-em-plus add reply

Quest 1, 2 and 3 are correct

Sorry Avinash. These "farm specific" quests are usually off a little. I do not know why. I believe they are updated correctly now. I will use some of my insta grow to see if they are correct. I usually try to get in here quickly and make sure they are correct.


Does anyone know if we can harvest the umbrella tree on other farms?


Ray the correction made afterword I do not follow only GU but I follow around 6 more websites which give updates on FV and for your information none of the site has updated this Quest including the I am 68 year old man and spend around 15-16 hours a day with 12 FV accounts while posting the quest Surneder always make mistake in rewards wich we do not care because it do not affect the game but wrong harvesting make game haywire


Farmville Hawaiian Paradise Quests Chapter 9
Expected Duration: 4th June, 2012 to 11th June, 2012.
Quests 1:
1. Get 4 Sonar Pinger
2. Harvest 85 Taro/Royal Taro (4 Hrs)
3. Harvest 55 Oysters (Water – 4 hrs)
Reward: Diving Bell Cow
Quests 2:
1. Get 6 Diving Helmets
2. Harvest 65 Yellow Fin Tuna (Water – 24 Hrs)
3. Harvest Diving Bell Cow 1 Time
Reward: Diving Costume
Quests 3:
1. Get 8 Aqua Lamp
2. Harvest 110 Shrimps (Water – 16 Hrs)
3. Make 3 Hawaiian Kabobs
Reward: Shipwreck
Quests 4:
1. Get 10 Pineapple Slices
2. Harvest 150 Kona Coffee (10 Hrs)
3. Harvest Island Aviary
Reward: Umbrella Paper Tree
Quests 5:
1. Get 11 Tropical Trays
2. Harvest 230 Double Pikake (18 Hrs)
3. Harvest Paper Umbrella Tree 1 Time
Reward: Tiki Waitress
Quests 6:
1. Get 12 Aloha Lei
2. Harvest 235 Mussels (Water – 7 Hrs)
3.Make 4 Island Punch

Reward: Lei Tree


Avinash, Do you really think GU should ban Surrender for trying to be helpful?
Sometimes the quests change right before they are presented to the public. That can't be helped. It's not Surrender's fault that Zynga changed it before it was released. Sometimes GU posters get it correct right away, sometimes not. Ah well, such is life.
Unless I'm mistaken, no one is forcing you to use your instant grows and complete the quest in one day are they?
I'm grateful that we have the quests ahead of time, and appreciate those who are trying to be helpful.


.level 6 230 Mussels and not 155 Due to Surnder wrong posting I have to loose 7 Insta grow iin place of three


.level 5 230 Mussels and not 155 Due to Surnder wrong posting I have to loose 7 Insta grow iin place of three


.level 5 230 Double Pikake and not 145


Quest level 4 Kona coffee 150 Is the person who made detail Quest post made after taking 5 peg everything wrong GU mist ban this Surender


Quest level 3 110 shrimp


65 Yellow fin tuna I think we should harvest additional seeds then what posted here I have to use two of my insta due to these wrong posting


Quest 1 - 85 Taro and 55 Oysters.

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