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Light-bulbDesperate for amber?

by Hannah Errington - May 22, 2012 Star_s5,976 views

I know I am. I just found that you can collect amber by watering saplings, not just by chopping trees and collecting from logging camps. Hope this helps!

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12-em-plus add reply

Cat, I agree about chopping trees that are placed for decoration. I had 3 Willow trees I had placed for decoration. I had to keep healing them as neighbors kept chopping them. I had a forest around my logging camps for this, but they kept chopping these. I finally removed them completely.


Cat - good advice. Also never chop trees that are apparently part of the decor of an area in your neighbors. I have entire areas of trees begging to be chopped, yet neighbors come to the center of my kingdom and chop a tree put in place for decorative purposes.

Sure makes me watch my manners in others kingdoms.


thxs so much for the tip


Thanks Cat :)

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Tips regarding amber:

As Hannah said, you can get amber by chopping trees and watering saplings, plus collecting from logging camps. You can also get amber by chopping trees on neighbor properties, but I haven't tried watering neighbors' saplings often, so I don't know if you can get amber that way.

In my own kingdom, I've discovered what works for me is this:
1. Plant an oak sapling. (Oaks have the most # of chops available.)
2. Use 10 reputation to buy SuperGrow from the market in the consumables section.
3. Use the SuperGrow from your inventory to grow the tree fully. ***
4. Chop 11 times to clear it, or chop 10 times followed by applying a Flaming Grog to regenerate the tree.

*** If you have watered the sapling already, you'll need to wait until the next watering time before you can apply SuperGrow.

[Etiquette note when visiting neighbors: Ideally, you have at least a couple neighbors who started the game but never played it. Their properties are filled with trees begging to be chopped. If you go to an active neighbor's kingdom, however, you should never chop any colored trees (yellow or red), and you should probably stay away from willows, too, since they're usually placed for decoration. Above all else, NEVER make the final chop on any tree! It's considered bad form.]

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