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Question-whiteMy Castleville game will not update the changes in the gloomed areas.

by Rory Cordell - May 22, 2012 Star_s134 views

I have a strange problem. My Castleville will not update the gloomed areas when changes are made to the map. The first time this happened is when they added to the Lamont swamp area and now the upper portion of the map where the new dragon cave, pond and other items are supposed to be now out in the gloom I have no changes at all, just an empty landscape. Does anyone know why this is the case?

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12-em-plus add reply

I am in the same boat as you Rory, I can't do any of the dragon cave quests and i am now stuck on the unicorn quests as it's telling me i need to open an area on the map that i don't have. I sent off a ticket to zynga support and was told they can't do a thing about it but my details have been passed to the bods that sort these things out and i should wait until they fix it. Hope they fix it soon because I'm getting left behind in these quests :( If anyone has any more information or knows someone who knows someone who knows something please let us "old map" players know whats going on :)


I have the same problem and also have no idea why it is happening any help would be great.

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