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Light-bulbJade Falls Quest (Early Access) June 4th?

by Tammy Wood - May 30, 2012 Star_s2,260 views

While still exploring, I also came across the Jade Falls Quest which alledgedly may arrive June 4th for early access.

The Expected duration of these Quests is from June 4 to June 11, 2012. Early (Pay) Access Only!

Quest 1: A Game of Tiles

» Get 6 Mahjong Tiles
2. Harvest 10 Sichuan Pepper
3. Complete 1 Jade Aviary
5 ZP, Red Crowned Crane, & 425 Jades

Quest 2: Wishing

» Get 8 Water Buckets
2. Harvest 10 Jade Bamboo
3. Harvest 2 Red Crowned Cranes
10 ZP, Jade Well, & 850 Jades

Quest 3: Drop Me a Line

» Get 8 Fishing Hooks
2. Harvest 8 Hamachi
3. Make 2 Pho Soup
15 ZP, Lotus Pond, & 1,275 Jades

Quest 4: Hare Raising Tale

» Get 8 Tiny Carrots
2. Harvest 10 Azuki
3. Make 2 Hamachi Maki
20 ZP, Chinese Hare, & 1,700 Jades

Quest 5: Tea Totaller

» Get 9 Tea Candles
2. Harvest 10 White Cloud Tea
3. Harvest 2 Chinese Hares
30 ZP, Glowing Lantern Tree, & 2,125 Jades

Quest 6: By the Tail

» Get 10 Tiger Tracks
2. Master Red Crowned Crane to 1-star
3. Make 2 Milk Tea
40 ZP, Indo Chinese Tiger, & 4,250 Jades

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12-em-plus add reply

The early access has 14 hours left on it as of now so I assume when that time runs out tomorrow is when the first week of jade falls will start for everyone else!


christy its only june the 10th here. will be tomorrow before jade is open to the public.


well it is june 11th why can i NOT access jaded falls yet?


the Hamachi is a fish and it goes in the water plots


what is quest 3 number 2.... i dont have that crop.. any one know what it is


I bought the early access. It is extremely tiny and only has a small amount of plots as plowable (8 rice, 20 land, 8 water) and you have to buy & finish & harvest a jade falls aviary to finish the 1st quest.


Could be Alan. Hmm wonder why we are not seeing any opening screens about it when we load farmville?



Rae, the "FarmVille Rant Radio Show" website also believes Early Access will happen either June 3 or June 4. Granted, things could always change, but they do think the same as the FarmVille24 site.

Cool I am hearing it will not come out until after the next Hawaii farm quest which runs from June 4th until June 11th. Thanks for the quest when it comes out I will sticky it at the top.

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