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Question-whiteBubble Witch level 117

by Claudette Barr - Jun 02, 2012 Star_s26,586 views

I have been stuck on level 117 trying to unlock the 2 locks on the chain and no matter what i do, i unlock one, but cannot unlock the other. I have watched the videos numerous times and they are of no help. Does anyone have any suggestions or tips I can use to get through this level and end my frustration?

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12-em-plus add reply

You are quite skilled to pass this level already, as you have figured out how to unlock a chain. :) This is the complete guide for Level 117, with a fresh video to show the aiming spots for both locks.


Even when I clear all the bubbles I come no where near the amount needed to complete level what gives and what can I do.


I must disagree upon the luck thing, Monica Wright. 


I don't know if you're still playing or not, but I just cleared the level. It was purely random. I kept trying and trying to use this aim thing, but in the end, I cleared the locks only when the right color bubbles lined up from the holes between the virus bubbles and the locks. So, if you're still playing and still stuck, just keep loading the game until it lines up right. That's the only way I found after weeks of trying. Good luck! (Because luck is the only thing that works here!)

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