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Light-bulbpost requests not asking who to post to

by Linda Baker Ligocki - Jun 02, 2012 Star_s184 views

just this week when posting a request for an item, i'm not getting the pop up screen asking where to post to -- i have my HC friends in a certain group and I've always been able to push my requests only in that direction.

I'm no longer being asked and I don't want my game post requests to go to all my friends, just my HC group.

any ideas? I've looked all over the privacy settings and can't figure out what is going on.

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12-em-plus add reply

I found that if you have too many items in inventory the game will not allow you to ask for more. Use up something. You have to move something out of inventory.


The issue with leaving gifts is widespread. At least if you are trying to set it down, and it grabs the whole game screen and moves it. I have that happen to me quite a bit, just reload the page, a time or 2 and eventually it will let you set it down.


thanks i will try that. I am using Chrome and I noticed something else strange. When I go to HC (via facebook) I'm running into issues with zoom and leaving gifts.

i'm starting to think it is a chrome issue. chrome will tell me there is unsecure content on the site.


If you're playing the game on the Zynga game site, shut down the tab for Zynga, log out of Facebook, then clear history/cache for your browser, and restart the browser. Log back into Facebook and then open the Zynga site. If they are still not there, you will probably need to open a game support ticket for help.

If you are not using the Zynga game site to play then just skip that step of the instructions.

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