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Question-whiteUnlocking Vegas: Blackout!

by Liberty Gummo Vasquez - Jun 04, 2012 Star_s2,118 views

How do I unlock Vegas Blackout? I am level 17 and cant figure it out. I have turned in the Vegas Lights collection 3 times and the rest of the keys needed say they can only be gotten in the actual Vegas Blackout room. Any help to clarify this would be helpful. I am thoroughly confused!

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12-em-plus add reply

Judging by the quantities, I would say they're using one of the oldest tricks out there. Giving the illusion of content while making revenue and then using that to produce the game content you already think exists.


Yesterday I had a talk about this on the support-chat.

The special rooms are not ready, so the keys to those rooms are not yet being implemented in the game.
As for WHEN they will become collectable, support could not give an answer.


Vegas Blackout not yet open thats why we can't have those key and the room key Zynga told me and Update will be soon


Hey I have been trying to figure the same thing out, only key I still need for the Vegas Blackout key collection is the "room key"-- I have noticed in the last couple of days that I am getting some of the keys for this specific collection from OTHER rooms, I got multiple copies of the Joker key & the Vault key from the Pirate's Paradise room. So my strategy (for now) is to ramble around in the rooms I have unlocked so far & see what I can find.
I have searched through a lot of guides and help topics, but no one seems to have found a definite answer on how to get all the keys, will post an update if I make any more progress. Good Luck!!


this would be great to know the answer to if anyone can help....

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