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Light-bulbFathers Day Quest- June 7?

by Claire Benson - Jun 04, 2012 Star_s6,287 views

FarmVille Father’s Day Quests

Expected Duration: 7th June 2012, to 21st June, 2012

Quests 1: The Gift of Sleep

1. Get 4 Recliners

2. Harvest 50 Blueberry (4 hour crop or 8 hours if you use Chandler blueberries)

3. Harvest the Pet Run Two Times

Reward: Bear Recliner

Quests 2: Gone Fishin’

1. Get 6 Fishing Poles

2. Harvest 75 Aloe Vera (6 hours)

3. Craft 1 Fertilize All

Reward: Fishin’ Horse

Quests 3: New Math

1. Get 8 New Calculators

2. Harvest 100 Pineapple ( 14 hours or 2 day crop depending on whether 14 hour Hilo Pineapples count- some say they do)

3. Harvest the Fishin’ Horse 1 Time

Reward: Book of XP

Quests 4: Star Gazers

1. Get 9 New Telescopes

2. Harvest 125 Pattypan Squash (16 hours)

3. Craft an Arborist

Reward: Astronomer Sloth

Quests 5: Kindness Is Catchy

1. Get 9 New Mitts

2. Harvest 150 Sunflowers (1 day)

3. Master the Fishin’ Horse 1 Star

Reward: Baseball Boobie --put it in the aviary and hold the jokes :)

Quests 6: Passing Gas

1. Get 9 Gas Cards

2. Harvest 150 Grape (

3. Harvest the Astronomer Sloth 1 Time

Reward: Unwither

Quests 7: Tickets to Paradise

1. Get 10 Football Tickets

2. Harvest 150 Peanut

3. Harvest the Baseball Boobie 1 Time

Reward: Father and Son Duck

Quests 8: I’ll Fly Away

1. Get 11 Plane Tickets

2. Harvest 150 Soybean

3. Craft 1 Farmhands

Reward: 3x Mystery Game Dart

Quests 9: Hugs for Dad

1. Get 12 Hugs for Dad

2. Harvest 150 Bell Pepper

3. Master the Baseball Boobie to 1 Star

Reward: Bear Hug (Deco)

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I can not find the baseball boobie anyone elses missing theres?


I tried the hilo pineapples and they didn't work. Had to wait 2 days for the regular pineapples to harvest. Don't use the hilo.


I like the Quests, but not if they are always harvesting the same things over and over again. Also, I'd like to be able to do more things with the coins that I have, and not have to pay REAL money for FV Cash. How about if we could trade our coins for Cash? Say, 2 million coins for 20 Cash?


I am so sick of soybeans and peppers (bell and red) but at least we have some different crops this time and no eggplant :)

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