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Light-bulbThe Courthouse Arrives! Building and Missions

by Tonya Collins - Jun 04, 2012 Star_s1,758 views

Its up to you to help sort out the truth from the lies as Sherriff Mae has to bring down judgement on the man who stole her heart! We will have 5 new missions to complete and will be building a courthouse. There is 3 stages to building the courthouse:

Stage one:
6 Judges Gavels, 6 scales of Justice, 6 Books, 8 Exhibit A's, 8 Court Seals, and 8 Podiums.
Stage Two:
10 Judges Gavels, 10 Scales of Justice, 10 Books, 12 Exhibit A's , 12 Court Seals, and 12 Podiums.
Stage Three:
16 Judges Gavels, 16 Scales of Justice, 16 Books, 18 Exhibit A's , 18 Court Seals, and 18 Podiums.

What You Need: adult cows, adult pigs, enough flax for 20 parchment paper, enough brocolli for 30 sheriff reports, enough wheat for 32 plaster base, enough cotton for 45 buffing cloth, and steel forges for lead ingots. If you can not turn in the Nefariuous Collection twice you will aslo need corn.


I. 3:10 To Frontierville
Ask 8 friends to Escort Birdie to the Courthouse
Complete Stage one of the Courthouse
Collect 20 Reinforced Axles (from apricot trees)
Rewards: 200XP, 200 Coins, Fast Hands Boost

II. A Red Letter Day
Collect 20 Certified Parcels (from adult cows)
Collect 25 Tattered Envelopes (from adult pigs)
Investicate 4 Encrypted Messages
Rewards: 400XP, 400 Coins, Golden Gavel
**Each encrypted message requires a cipher key. One cipher key requires 4 invisible ink (requested), 5 parchment scrolls (from flax) , and 4 cryptography books (requested)

III. I, Witness
Collect 30 Sheriff Reports (from brocolli)
Complete the Second Stage of the Courthouse
Investigate 4 Footprints
Rewards: 600XP, 600 Coins, 18 Collectibles
**Each Footprint needs a plaster casting kit. One plaster casting kit requires 8 Plaster base (from wheat), 6 warm water (requested), and 4 casting tools.

IV. Stool Pigeon
Complete the Courthouse
Turn in Two Nefariuous Plans Collections (comes from harvesting corn)
Investigate 3 Torn Fabrcic
Rewards: 800 Xp, 800 Coins, Stool Pigeon
**Each torn fabirc requires a hand lens. One lens requires 15 buffing cloth (from harvesting cotton), 9 circular glass (requested) and 6 maple wood handles (requeted)

V. One Ring
Collect 15 Lose Dirt (from clearing rocks)
Collect 40 Worthless Junk (from chopping oak trees)
Find Mae's Ring in a Bandit Stashbox (tend grass and oaks)
Rewards: 1,000 XP, 1,000 Coins, Crazy Cake,
**Stashboxes each require a stash recovery kit. One stash recovery kit requires 8 lock pin kits (requested), 8 Lead Ingots (steel forges) and 10 well worn shovels (requested)


Inventory Limits

Judge's Gavel=20

Scales of Justice=20

The Book=20

Exhibit A=20

Court Seal=20


Reinforced Axle=25

Certified Parcel=25

Tattered Envelope=30

Sheriff's Report=35

Loose Dirt=45

Worthless Junk=45

Well Worn Shovel=55

Lock Pin Kit=45

Lead Ingot=100

Stashbox Key=10

Stashbox Recovery Kit=10


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