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Question-whitehow does the gopher garden work please?

by Janet Lalley - Jun 06, 2012 Star_s1,883 views

How does the gopher garden work please, its telling me Ive got two treats but I cant do anything with them, Mmmm puzzeld!

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12-em-plus add reply

To capture Gophers plant what they eat.Like tomatoes,carrots,pumpkins,turnips,radishes,cauliflower .


I think all my gophers went to the neighbors farm have not seen any and have no idea what to do


When you harvest don't use the combine use the harvester gophers only show up on non plowed and seeded plots! Hurry up on capture them before it goes back in it's hole.


This is what I want to know too. I see a little gopher in that garden but when I look on the farm nothing I can see. I click and look inside garden and nothing but those pop up gophers and the treats still there and gopher count is still 0. I have looked at the guide and it really isn't helpful at all.


I may blast these gophers with a shot gun.....


Yeah, just have treats, and plant and grow as normal. Chance when you harvest fore a gopher to appear, which you have so long to click on. Click to capture it, and whatever his reward is.

Not sure if there is a timer on how often you get a gopher. I did 500 plots in WW, and got one, but did 900 plots on homefarm and got nothing.


I saw a little shadow in my field and low and behold, I captured the first gopher, Now I have 1 of 2 treats left and am asking for more to help me capture more. When captured, u get some of the special seeds in your choices of new seeds.


It is a mystery to me too. I have apparently completed LEVEL 1, and have two treats...but have no idea as to what to do with the treats or how to capture gophers, ....and what are those four gophers (depicted in the window) all about?? Really ZYNGA, the HELP screen is useless.

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