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Light-bulbHow To Convert Your Bingo Cards Into Tickets

by Albar Wahab - Jun 08, 2012 Star_s1,727 views

As all of you might know that for each friend you add in your bingo club , you get 1 card from him/her daily . This trick is simple and pretty easy.

It requires for you to have unlocked rooms ..... the least the fruit level


1 - Open the game

2 - Select the 4th or the 5th level

3 - Select free card , Maximum limit is 6

4 - In the middle of the game click Refresh button on your browser

After Refreshing you'll get the tickets , 4 tickets for each card in the fruit punch level . That makes a total of 24 tickets . Now you can play in Vegas light Min 4 times by using those tickets

Bonus : After refreshing , the coins you'll earn in the game will be still there while the XP ( Agent says that it still stays) and the Daubs helping thingi will be gone . Enjoy! It Might be usefull to some people.

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12-em-plus add reply

It's not bullshit, it's outdated. For every friend you have you get a free card daily (limit 10) so I'd play a 5 card game in fruit punch room until it was down to the last 15 bingos - then I'd hit the x and close my browser ( never thought about hitting refresh, duh) Doing that twice a day gave me a minimum of 40 tickets and a ton of xp. Not only thay, but if I managed to get a couple of bingos 1st it's be another 8+ tickets.

Ever since they added the damn tournament however it's not worth doing that because there's a #$#$ bug in the game that causes you to be credited w/ a tourney round if you're cut off from a game in the middle of play. Not only that, but you don't even get the stupid worthless round actually credited to you.


This is total bullshit..just wasted all my tickets


You can only do this a few times per day before the refund well runs dry.


Sweet ....thanks for the info def works well!!!!

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