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Question-whitewhy i cant post need time crystals any more??

by Theresia Rosma - Jun 10, 2012 Star_s596 views

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My sister can't request either. She isn't that terribly active so in no way got to any maximum. All she can do is get 'raw' crystals. This has been going on for months -- not just for 1 chapter. Any fixes, words of wisdom?


During the 12th Crystal chapter I lost the ability to request crystals from my neighbors and post requests on my timeline, Now the only option I have to get crystals is to get the randomly through playing chapters or to build then with the tower, which takes FOREVER and does not yield very many crystals. I have talked to my "neighbors" and they still have the ability to request them. I have been at level 100 for a few months and am still playing as they keep coming out with new chapters (even though there is never enough room to build or time to upgrade existing buildings). Could you please tell me how to get my crystals back? At this point in the game I am so discouraged about playing.


why i cant post need time crystals any more??


same thing happened to me today. Last time I was able to collect so many crystals that I could complete every building I had left from former chapters. But this time I have 26 more than needed and now the link is gray. That sucks :(


2 reasons: either you have finished the chapter early or, in their infinite wisdom, you have reached the max that Playdom feels you needed to complete it. This doesnt happen to everyone...never happened to me. Playdom, the game creators, supposably has a set amount of crystals they think is more than enough to finish a chapter. They have never said officially what that exact amount is. Once a player reaches that amount, their ability to collect darkens and they cannot get any more. Sorry, there is nothing you can do even if you have not finished the chapter :(
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