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Question-whiteLink Exchange is not working of me

by Renato Mechica Vieira - Jun 10, 2012 Star_s211 views

The link exchange is not working for me. I posted some links that I need to receive products and I saw that all links were clicked by 4 or 5 person.

However, when I got the Cityville I saw that all products continue with ZERO. I did not receive anything at all! What happens?

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Replies are not available on this topic.

Please visit the link below, which will take you to our Link Exchange FAQ thread. Your question has likely already been answered in the original post of that thread. If you still have a question after you read that post, or if your question hasn’t already been answered there, then please leave a post in that thread.


I would also like to know where the items are that say I have received, my link also shows people have sent them however when I go to cityville they are not there


Same thing going on with me too :(


Link exchange stopped working suddenly. Was working perfectly before and not is not even loading anymore. I tried on Chrome and Firefox... same problem on both. Any idea how to fix that?

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