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Light-bulbdoubledown casino is a lier

by Lavonda Sue Burchard - Jun 17, 2012 Star_s872 views

doubledown casino has riped me off for the last time when you do there survey they lie to about getting chips for FREE that aint ture there should be a law that they should hold up there end but they dont what do you think so tell me what you think ?

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I think you need to go back to school & learn to spell correctly. Also, ain't is not a word.
- Grammar is important if you don't want to look trashy :)


I am so angry and so upset right now! This is not right.
As much as I enjoy and play DDC every single day there seems to be several Technical issues, I have to say quit frequently......
It is not only upsetting it is frustrating...
I had over 300 tokens, plus was on a bonus spin, won another Bonus spin
I "had some good spins "tokens coming in.
FINALLY WINNING.. Had about 25 spins left and lost connection. Finally after an hour, and DDC Tech issues,,,,
I finally get back DDC lost my 25 spins and tokens What the heck is going on..???????
We suffer because of your tech issues.....????????
Absolutely upsetting......I support your game every time I play, I press like, I invite friends...... TRY SUPPORTING US FOR A CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want my spins back and tokens and already know that I will not get them...

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