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Light-bulbChicken Coop Upgrade Expansion has arrived!

by Kixie Lam-Jek - Feb 19, 2010 Star_s8,189 views

You can now expand your chicken coop to hold 40 chickens (and beyond!)

If you have a chicken coop, you'll see the expansion message the next time you play farmville:

or you can select "Expand Storage" when you click on your chicken coop. In any case, you'll see this screen:

If you don't want to pay FV$$, you'll need to click "expand" where you'll be told you'll need 10 friends to help your expansion with a barn raising:

You'll then need 10 friends to click on this post you publish on your stream:

You friends will get 100 coins for helping you out!

Go expand your chicken coop now, and let us know any tips you find in expanding the coop more easily!

Looks like you'll be able to expand your dairy farm, horse stable and garden shed soon too.


Note from Alan (9:27 PM CDT on May 3, 2010):

Only your Facebook Friends can help you expand your Chicken Coops, Barns, Tool Sheds, and any other expandable item that comes along. Posting your request here is completely useless and will be deleted.

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12-em-plus add reply

I am also having a problem with expanding my ckn coop. I paid the fv cash for it the first expansion but I do not want to do that agin, but my bf doesnt seem to be having the problem. What is wrong? ANyone figure anything out yet?


i have also tried 3 times 2 upgrade my coop, can't seem to get more than 3 to help....please help


dont know how tho, can any1 plz tell me how this happend


zynga need to increse the capacity even more like 100 or so because i have filled mine :) pity you cant buy another coop

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12-em-plus add reply